Our Educational Mission

In accordance with the 1990 Children’s Television Act (CTA) intended to increase the amount of educational and informational programming for children on television, Eco Company clearly meets the goals of providing children and young teens with a television show that meets CORE requirements of the FCC as follows:

1. Eco Company provides CORE programming in the area of the environment and preservation of the earth’s resources. Eco Company explores all aspects of being “green” and understanding how our actions impact the world. The E-Co team find out about climate change by asking questions to discover the truths and myths of the climate change issue. They learn about alternative energies by visiting wind farms and solar installations and discovering new energy technologies currently under development. They learn more about recycling, conservation and organics. The E-Team profiles teens and school organizations who have taken it upon themselves to make a difference, young entrepreneurs who are taking their passion for green to develop ideas, and new products for a sustainable future. Most importantly, each story and each feature is reported by teens and told from their perspective. Additionally Eco Company regularly provides practical tips that teens, and people of all ages can use in their daily lives.

2. Eco Company uses the technique of peer reporting. The diverse and dynamic cast of teens who make up Eco Company combine their natural curiosity with their enthusiasm to report the informational stories to teens and their families. Each episode employs Eco Company “members” or hosts who conduct interviews of peers and adults, and experience first hand the demonstration and explanation of the topic.

3. Our Eco Company website that can be easily accessed by parents provides a clear description of the program and types of topics covered. It also provides a listing of the weekly episodes and topics aired on broadcast stations through the USA. Advanced notice of future episodes is available to parents and consumers by the website.

4. Eco Company has been reviewed by educators in a variety of disciplines who have endorsed the show as an educational resource for teens that satisfies the FCC’s requirements for “core” Educational and Informational” programming. Samples of endorsement letters can be downloaded below along with the Producer’s E/I Statement.

EcoCompany E-I Description 2014-15.pdf
EcoCompany E-I Statement 2014-15.pdf

5. Eco Company offers closed captioning for the hearing impaired and complies with FCC Closed Captioning Quality Guidelines. A compliance statement is provided below.

Closed Captioning Compliance Certification

6. Additionally Eco Company complies with the Code of Federal Regulations commonly know as the CALM Act that sets loudness best practices for commercials and promotional announcements. A CALM Act compliance statement is provided below.

CALM Act Certification

Thank you for your interest in Eco Company and for your interest in the sustainability of our planet. I hope you enjoy our program and make use of our interactive website.

Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Eco Company